Geochemistry Solid Waste Data for the Historic Mine Sites Project - Inventory and Risk Classification, Volume 1

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Resource or Project Abstract

The Historic Mine Sites - Inventory and Risk Classification (HMS-IRC) Project is a joint project of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources (DCENR). The objectives of this work were: * to identify any significant risks to the environment, including human and animal health risks, at these historic mine sites so that these risks ultimatley can be managed and the sites made safe. * to plan for the forthcoming EU Directive 2006/21/EC on the Management of Wastes from the Extractive Industries. This Directive will, among other things, require EU Member States to prepare an inventory of closed waste facilities within their jurisdictions by 1st May 2012. The HMS-IRC project assists Ireland to comply with Article 20 of the European Directive. The inventory does not include closed stone, sand and gravel quarries, which also require management under the Directive. Volume I of the HMS-IRC project addresses the Geochemical Characteristics and Environmental Matters of Ireland's historic mines. A total of 32 mine sites and districts were investigated. Of these 27 mine sites/districts (encompassing 82 individual sites) were scored relative to each other. It is important to note that this is not a risk assessment, but rather the sites have been ranked on a risk basis so as to determine a relative ranking for possible future actions. The project has resulted in the most comprehensive inventory of historic mines in Ireland that includes a detailed geochemical analysis. It gathers together all the existing information on historic mine sites in Ireland along with significant new information derived from site investigations that will point the way towards future rehabilitaion work on mines in Ireland.

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Contact Information for This Resource

Ms. Fionnuala Ni Mhairtin
Environmental Protection Agency

Mr. Gerry Stanley
Geological Survey of Ireland

Dr. Vincent Gallagher
Geochemist, Geologist

Ms. Jane Brogan
Scientific Officer (I)

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Att 1    Historical_Mines_CHAPTER_5_SiteDescriptions_part1.pdf   (2.21 Mb)
Att 2    Historical_Mines_CHAPTER_5_SiteDescriptions_part2.pdf   (2.27 Mb)
Att 3    HistoricalMinesCompleteReport.pdf   (12.16 Mb)
Att 4    HistoricalMinesAppendicesONLY.pdf   (3.97 Mb)
Att 5    HMS-IRC_National_Solid_Waste.xls   (1.22 Mb)

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Author(s)Mhairtin, N.F. Stanley, G. Gallagher, V. Brogan, J.
Title Of WebsiteSecure Archive For Environmental Research Data
Publication InformationGeochemistry Solid Waste Data for the Historic Mine Sites Project - Inventory and Risk Classification, Volume 1
Name of OrganisationEnvironmental Protection Agency Ireland
Electronic Address or URL
Unique Identifier18f6c6a3-8e14-102d-ba42-8e912b2741d0
Date of AccessLast Updated on SAFER: 2024-06-21

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Mhairtin, N.F. Stanley, G. Gallagher, V. Brogan, J.   "Geochemistry Solid Waste Data for the Historic Mine Sites Project - Inventory and Risk Classification, Volume 1". Associated datasets and digitial information objects connected to this resource are available at: Secure Archive For Environmental Research Data (SAFER) managed by Environmental Protection Agency Ireland (Last Accessed: 2024-06-21)


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Resource Keywordshistorical mines mining risk EU Directive 2006/21/EC geochemical ireland
EPA/ERTDI/STRIVE Project CodeHistorical Mines Pro
EPA/ERTDI/STRIVE Project ThemeLand-use, Soils, and Transport
Resource Availability: Any User Can Download Files From This Resource
Limitations on the use of this ResourceResults should be read inconjunction with the detailed site reports for each mine site, Appendix 5 and also with Appendix 4, the detailed description of the XRF analyser. Any further reproduction of this data in any format should include a reference citation to this project. Citations are available below.
Number of Attached Files (Publicly and Openly Available for Download): 5
Project Start Date Sunday 1st January 2006 (01-01-2006)
Earliest Recorded Date within any attached datasets or digital objects Thursday 22nd March 2007 (22-03-2007)
Most Recent Recorded Date within any attached datasets or digital objects Monday 19th May 2008 (19-05-2008)
Published on SAFERWednesday 31st March 2010 (31-03-2010)
Date of Last EditWednesday 7th April 2010 at 12:30:36 (07-04-2010)
Datasets or Files Updated On Wednesday 31st March 2010 at 14:15:32 (31-03-2010)

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Geographical and Spatial Information Related To This Resource

Description of Geographical Characteristics of This Project or Dataset
This project identifies waste piles and other features, for example shafts and adits (which are documented in Volume II), associated with closed/abandoned mines in Ireland. It also identifies broader issues of health and safety and the environment linked to closed mine sites. It provides a comprehensive understanding of each mine site/district and scores 27 mine sites/districts (encompassing 82 individual sites) relative to each other. The study assists Ireland to comply with Article 20 of the European Directive 2006/21/EC for the management of waste from the extractive industries. In the attached data geographical coordinates are provided (in Irish National Grid) for each of the sample locations. NOTE: The documents on site descriptions and associated appendices should be read in conjunction with studying site location. Geochemical soild waste analyses were taken in and around the historic mine sites in Ireland. With the portable XRF insitu sampling was carried out where appropriate. Of these samples, 10% were taken and re-analysed in the GSI Laboratories with a portion analysed by OMAC laboratories for quality control. These samples were analysed to see if there was any potential impact to human health, animal health and the surrounding environment. Of the 32 mine sites/districts 27 sites were classed and scored.

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Lineage information about this project or dataset
The Extractive Waste Directive 2006/21/EC, under Article 20 requires an inventory of closed and abandonded waste facilities. This project looks specifically at Historic Mine Sites.
Supplementary Information
A suite of heavy metals were analysed with the portable XRF machine both in the field and laboratory. Other general features such as a brief description of the colour and location type are included. Field or laboratory analyses is also noted. The co-ordinates were recorded at each sampling site. Volume 2 deals with the physical hazards at Historic Mine Sites. This shall be completed by the end of the year 2010.

Also included as responsible parties are:

Dr. Micheal Lehane, Programme Manager Office of Environmental Assessment, EPA, PO Box 3000, Johnstown Castle Estate, Wexford, Tel: 053 9160600; e-mail:;


Dr Eibhlin Doyle, Principal Geologist, Exploration and Mining Division, Beggars Bush, Haddington Road, Dublin 4, Tel: 01 6782814; e-mail:
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