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Resource or Project Abstract

This data set contains a summary of tests performed on an 18kW gas-fired condensing boiler performed primarily to measure NOx and PM emission factors, but also to examine the boiler performance and efficiency at all operating modes. 6 tests were performed on this boiler and details of each individual test are also included in the dataset. The operating modes that were examined were steady state operation (4 tests) warm start and cold start (1 test each). Steady state operation represented operation at the nominal output of the boiler under steady conditions. Cold start represented the first ten minutes of boiler operation when starting up from ambient temperature. Warm start operation is found when the boiler is cyling on and off every 3/4 minutes to maintain the desired temperature within the dwelling. PM mass concentration was measured using a filter sampling system. PM quantities were negligible for this boiler type.

Within each of these individual results files there are 7 broad segments. The first part contains details of the PM mass measurements that were carried out; recorded mass increase of the PM substrates, experiment notes, atmospheric conditions, etc. Part 2 gives details of the fuel consumption data for each test while Part 3 contains the results from the LabVIEW Data Acquisition System that was used to record all operating parameters used to measure boiler performance, e.g. water flow and return temperatures, water flow rate, flue temperature, ambient temperature, boiler heat output, etc.

Part 4 contains results from the Testo 350 M/XL gas analyser which was used to measure NOx concentration as well as O2, CO, CO2 and H2. In addition this part also includes details of all calculations performed on this data to calculate the various emission factors in a variety of units. In part 5 the PM data captured by the low pressure impactor is inverted to find the PM mass size distribution and emission factor in a variety of units. An uncertainty analysis of all measurements, and a calculation to determine how each individual error propagates through the measurement train to yield an overall uncertainty is included in Part 6. Finally a summary of the relevant parameters is given in Part 7.

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Mr. Stephen Morrin
Fingleton White & Co

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Att 1    Morrin_Summary_of_all_Gas_boiler_tests.xls   (0.07 Mb)
Att 2    Morrin_110207_Gas_Boiler_filter_warm_start_test.xls   (79.83 Mb)
Att 3    Morrin_110201_Gas_Boielr_filter_steady_state_test_4.xls   (38.11 Mb)
Att 4    Morrin_110202_Gas_Boiler_Filter_cold_start_test.xls   (35.92 Mb)
Att 5    Morrin_110126_Gas_Boiler_filter_steady_state_test_2.xls   (35.9 Mb)
Att 6    Morrin_110131_Gas_Boiler_filter_steady_state_test_3.xls   (31.75 Mb)
Att 7    Morrin_110125_2_Gas_Boiler_filter_steady_state_test_1.xls   (24.18 Mb)

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Resource Keywordsemission inventory domestic gas boiler PM NOx
EPA/ERTDI/STRIVE Project Code2007-CCRP-4.4.2
EPA/ERTDI/STRIVE Project ThemeClimate Change
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Number of Attached Files (Publicly and Openly Available for Download): 7
Project Start Date Monday 3rd January 2011 (03-01-2011)
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Most Recent Recorded Date within any attached datasets or digital objects Wednesday 16th February 2011 (16-02-2011)
Published on SAFERSunday 18th December 2011 (18-12-2011)
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Laboratory based. Particulate matter measured using a Dekati Low Pressure Impactor (DLPI). NOx and other gaseous emissions measured using a Testo 350 M/XL gas analyser. Boiler performance recorded using a National Instruments Data Acquisition System (DAQ). A typical domestic duty cycle (details in dataset 4) was imposed on the boiler in the laboratory where controlled experiments could be carried out to measure emissions concentration. Steady state operation as well as start-up and transient operation was examined.

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This project examined PM and NOx emissions from wood pellet, oil-fired and gas-fired domestic heating boilers, as well as non road transport. This data set contains results performed on the wood pellet boiler in a laboratory setting to determine PM and NOx emission factors as a function of boiler operating mode. Other performance factors such as efficiency, fuel consumption and operating temperatures are also available.
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