Review of Waste/Resource Exchange Systems leading to Good Practice Guide

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Resource or Project Abstract

The development of a Good Practice Guide for Waste Resource Exchange Systems was listed in the EPA Research ? Sustainability Research Call 2014 as a research priority area. As waste/resource exchange systems are a new growth area it was considered a suitable time to review these systems and create a framework in the form of a good practice guide and the production of user factsheets in order to create minimum standards for the industry.

The main deliverables from this study were the production of a waste/resource exchange good practice guide and four factsheets. The aim of the good practice guide is to demonstrate how new and existing waste/resource exchange organisations can be set up and operated to the highest standards. The guide offers potential developers of waste/resource exchange systems practical advice on the main considerations and how to address them. It provides advice on getting started, understanding the barriers and challenges involved and identifying the critical elements to creating a successful resource exchange organisation. The guide is also aimed at organisations managing existing resource exchange systems on how to potentially improve their systems.

Two of the factsheets are targeted at those engaging with waste/resource exchanges, such as householders, business and industry, to ensure that their dealings are informed and conducted in line with industry good practice and the remaining two factsheets provide summarised guidance to both online and non-online waste/resource exchanges.

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Contact Information for This Resource

Ms. Louise Connolly
RPS Group Ltd.

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SAFER-Data Display URL
Resource Keywordswaste/resource exchange, reuse, industrial symbiosis, good practice guide, factsheets
EPA/ERTDI/STRIVE Project Code2014-RE-DS-2
EPA/ERTDI/STRIVE Project ThemeWaste and Resource Management
Resource Availability: Any User Can Download Files From This Resource
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Number of Attached Files (Publicly and Openly Available for Download): 0
Project Start Date Thursday 1st January 2015 (01-01-2015)
Earliest Recorded Date within any attached datasets or digital objects Thursday 1st January 2015 (01-01-2015)
Most Recent Recorded Date within any attached datasets or digital objects Friday 1st April 2016 (01-04-2016)
Published on SAFERFriday 10th June 2016 (10-06-2016)
Date of Last EditFriday 10th June 2016 at 13:20:44 (10-06-2016)
Datasets or Files Updated On Friday 10th June 2016 at 13:20:44 (10-06-2016)

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Lineage information about this project or dataset
Project listed in EPA Research Sustainability Call 2014
Supplementary Information
Data Privacy Statements

Survey responses and raw data behind maps must be treated as confidential in line with Data Protection Law. Surveys recipients responded in confidence on the basis that their information would not be disclosed or made publicly available but could be used in an aggregated form to inform the project i.e. these should not be accessible via SAFER. No licencing or other issues.
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