About SAFER-Data

Secure Archive For Environmental Research Data


SAFER-Data is a web-based interface to the Environmental Data Archive maintained by the Environmental Research Center (ERC) in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

SAFER-Data provides a user friendly interface for a variety of users:

  • Public Users - those interested in finding out about environmental research, exploring data, and possibly downloading data and/or reports to their own computers for further studies
  • Researchers - both researchers looking for data and information about other research projects and also researchers uploading their environmental data and information for archival on the Secure Archive For Environmental Research Data System
  • EPA Users - interested in exploring information about environmental research currently being carried out and results of research projects which have concluded
If you are an authorised user you can begin using SAFER-Data by logging in Logon.
If you are just interested in browsing research data resources that are currently publicly available you can begin using SAFER by browsing the Public Resources pages.