SAFER-Data Traffic and Usage Statistics

The SAFER-Data system closely monitors and logs all visitor traffic to the website. It is SAFER-Data policy to provide summary information on this logging data available to users. The table below gives a brief summary of the web traffic arriving at SAFER-Data.

SAFER-Data Dataset Download Statistics

When a dataset file is downloaded from SAFER-Data a record of this is stored in our web traffic logging database. The number of dataset downloads from SAFER-Data is a very important performance indicator of the system. The table below provides a simple summary of the number of dataset downloads from SAFER-Data. This table is generated in real-time providing the most up-to-date statistics available from our web traffic logging database.

Statistic Type
Number of Downloads
Total Number of Downloads
Today (Monday, 17th June 2024) 0
Yesterday (Sunday, 16th June 2024) 0
This Week 0
This Month 126
Year 2021 (To Date) 1273
Year 20209407
Year 2020: Monthly Average Downloads783
Year 2020: Most Downloads in a MonthJune,1514
Year 20196831
Year 2019: Monthly Average Downloads569
Year 2019: Most Downloads in a MonthNovember,992
Year 20188322
Year 2018: Monthly Average Downloads693
Year 2018: Most Downloads in a MonthOctober,2790
Year 20176357
Year 2017: Monthly Average Downloads530
Year 2017: Most Downloads in a MonthJuly,817
Year 20167540
Year 2016: Monthly Average Downloads628
Year 2016: Most Downloads in a MonthNovember, 1423
Year 20155473
Year 2015: Monthly Average Downloads456
Year 2015: Most Downloads in a MonthDecember, 614
Year 20147680
Year 2014: Monthly Average Downloads446 (excluding Dec 2014)
Year 2014: Most Downloads in a MonthDecember, 2766
Year 20135963
Year 2013: Monthly Average Downloads496
Year 2013: Most Downloads in a MonthFebruary, 885
Year 20125417
Year 2012: Monthly Average Downloads451
Year 2012: Most Downloads in a MonthJanuary, 581
Year 20114793
Year 2011: Monthly Average Downloads399
Year 2011: Most Downloads in a MonthJanuary, 817
Year 20104902
Year 2010: Monthly Average Downloads408
Year 2010: Most Downloads in a MonthNovember, 932
Year 20095419
Year 2009: Monthly Average Downloads451
Year 2009: Most Downloads in a MonthAugust, 660
Year 20084762
Year 2008: Monthly Average Downloads396
Year 2008: Most Downloads in a MonthDecember, 1068
Since SAFER-Data Launch (May '07) 93927
The Popular Datasets pages outlines the resources on SAFER-Data which have had the most dataset downloads. You can also view the number of downloads for every resource by visiting the page containing download statistics for all resources. The Popular Reports page outlines the research reports on SAFER-Data which have been most frequently downloaded. Download statistics on on the number of reports downloaded from SAFER/Reports are also available for public viewing.