SAFER-DataSAFER/Reports Traffic and Usage Statistics

The SAFER-Data system closely monitors and logs all visitor traffic to the website. It is SAFER-Data policy to provide summary information on this logging data available to users. The table below gives a brief summary of the web traffic arriving at SAFER-Data/Reports .

SAFER-Data SAFER/Report Download Statistics

When a report (usually a PDF) is downloaded from SAFER-Data a record of this is stored in our web traffic logging database. The number of report downloads from SAFER-Data is a very important performance indicator of the system.
The table below provides a simple summary of the number of report downloads from SAFER-Data. This table is generated in real-time providing the most up-to-date statistics available from our web traffic logging database.

Statistic Type
Number of Downloads
Total Number of Reports Downloaded
This Month 3
This Year 89
Since SAFER-Data/Reports Launch (Oct 2008) 14750

The EPA's Research Pages provides a full listing of EPA research reports and links to download these reports where appropriate.

If you want to access information on download statistics for SAFER-Data they are available for public access from the site traffic information page