Sustainable Logistics: Towards the Development of Environmentally Conscious Supply Chains

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The research had three interrelated objectives: The first objective was to understand the current situation as regards sustainable logistics in Ireland The second objective was to present a snapshot of the current developments in sustainable logistics and supply chains. The third objective was to provide insight into the trade-off between environmental impact, cost and supply-chain performance A survey was carried out, with the purpose of (i) ascertaining the level of awareness of sustainable logistics in companies and (ii) to evaluate the preparedness of companies in adopting sustainable logistics operations strategies. Investment by funding bodies in capacity building in the area of environmental supplychain monitoring and analysis. It is clear from this study that many organisations, have little or no awareness of environmental issues with respect to the operations of the logistical elements of their supply chains and beyond. Environmental supply-chain monitoring and analysis is a growing sector. The research reported here dealt with only one distinct theme in this topic area, but there are many more which are of relevance to Ireland as a trading nation. Also, there is scope within Ireland for job creation in developing new software solutions and service offerings in this sector. Recommendation: Provision of funding for the development of industrial awareness campaigns in the environmental aspects of modern business. The survey carried out as part of this study identified the lack of co-ordination with respect to logistical practice in Irish supply chains. Recommendation: Provision of support in the development of more co-ordinated networks, particularly with respect to logistics provision and consumption. Recommendation: Provision of research funding into the further evaluation of environmental versus economic trade-offs in supply-chain design and operation. The survey shows that no company is currently measuring the environmental impact of their logistic operations. However, it does show that there is some awareness of environmental issues as indicated by a number of the companies? future plans to measure their carbon footprint. This, it is felt, indicates that the sector would be responsive to engagement in a programme for the development of sustainable practices. However, the fragmentation evident in the sector as a result of the high level of outsourcing practices is seen as a major barrier that would need to be overcome.

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Contact Information for This Resource

Mr. Paul Ryan
University of Limerick

Dr. Paul Liston
University of Limerick

Dr. P.J. Byrne
Dublin City University

Dr. Cathal Heavey
University of Limerick

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EPA/ERTDI/STRIVE Project ThemeLand-use, Soils, and Transport
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This project conducted a survey on the attitudes to and knowledge of sustainable logistics among companies and their preparedness to implement sustainable logistics methods was tested. The survey was carried out with 28 companies that were both users and suppliers of logistics in the Shannon Region of Ireland.

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Lineage information about this project or dataset
Over recent years Ireland?s per capita greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions have risen to be one of the highest in Europe. This rise in emissions is in no small part attributable to the 165% increase in transport emissions in the period 1990 to 2006, a figure more than 137% higher than the EEA-32 average (EEA, 2009). The focus of this report is on supply chains and the impact that operations, and more specifically logistics, has on the environment. In Ireland 90% of freight traffic
occurs on the road
Supplementary Information
The survey was designed after careful study of similar past surveys on logistics and after preliminary consultations with a small number of logistic providers and users. An initial survey was piloted online and tested by academic and industrial personnel. Resulting from this pilot implementation, questions were added and reworded and a decision was made to administer the survey on a face-to-face interview basis. While this method of interviewing does increase the overall cost of conducting the survey, industrial feedback recommended this approach to ensure the quality of the responses. Companies were selected from the Company Directory of the Shannon Development Region. In all, 58 potential respondent companies were contacted, with 28 respondents (22 companies and 6 logistics service providers (LSPs)) agreeing to participate in the survey. This gives and overall response rate of 48%. The survey was administrated between the months of November 2007 and April 2008 at company sites.
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