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Attachment Name and Download Link
Att 1    Morrin_110113_2_Oil_Boiler_old_nozzle_2_st_st_Test.xls   (18.68 Mb)
Att 2    Morrin_110113_1_Oil_Boiler_old_nozzle_2_st_st_Test.xls   (18.96 Mb)
Att 3    Morrin_110112_2_Oil_boiler_old_nozzle_1_st_st_Test.xls   (18.14 Mb)
Att 4    Morrin_110112_1_Oil_Boiler_old_nozzle_1_st_st_Test.xls   (27.29 Mb)
Att 5    Morrin_110106_1_Oil_Boiler_Lambda_variation_test_7.xls   (11.69 Mb)
Att 6    Morrin_101231_2_Oil_Boiler_Lambda_variation_test_6.xls   (20.2 Mb)
Att 7    Morrin_101215_2_Oil_Boiler_Lambda_variation_test_5.xls   (17.52 Mb)
Att 8    Morrin_101215_1_Oil_Boiler_Lambda_variation_test_4.xls   (17.08 Mb)
Att 9    Morrin_101206_2_oil_Boiler_Lambda_variation_test_3.xls   (19.78 Mb)
Att 10    Morrin_101206_1_Oil_Boiler_Lambda_variation_test_2.xls   (17.59 Mb)
Att 11    Morrin_101201_2_Oil_Boiler_Lambda_variation_test_1.xls   (17.18 Mb)
Att 12    Morrin_Summary_of_all_oil_boiler_tests.xls   (0.5 Mb)
Att 13    Morrin_Plot_of_PM_Vs_NOx_for_all_Oil_Boiler_tests.xls   (0.03 Mb)
Att 14    Morrin_Plot_of_PM_Vs_CO_for_all_Oil_Boiler_tests.xls   (0.03 Mb)
Att 15    Morrin_110107_2_Oil_Boiler_Forced_Condensing_Test_2.xls   (18.41 Mb)
Att 16    Morrin_110107_1_Oil_Boiler_Forced_Condensing_Test_1.xls   (18.19 Mb)
Att 17    Morrin_101104_Oil_Boiler_Warm_start_filter_test.xls   (33.79 Mb)
Att 18    Morrin_101029_Oil_Boiler_Warm_start_filter_test.xls   (40.23 Mb)
Att 19    Morrin_101026_Oil_Boiler_Warm_start_filter_test.xls   (35.7 Mb)
Att 20    Morrin_101013_Oil_Boiler_FIlter_st_st_PM_Test.xls   (17.21 Mb)
Att 21    Morrin_101007_Oil_Boiler_filter_st_st_test.xls   (17.2 Mb)
Att 22    Morrin_100924_Oil_Boiler_Filter_st_st_PM_Test.xls   (14.24 Mb)
Att 23    Morrin_101116_Oil_Boiler_Filter_Cold_start_test.xls   (15.66 Mb)
Att 24    Morrin_101103_Oil_Boiler_Cold_start_Filter_Test.xls   (14.72 Mb)
Att 25    Morrin_101020_Oil_Boiler_Cold_start_Filter_PM_Test.xls   (19.72 Mb)
Att 26    Morrin_101018_Oil_Boiler_warm_start_DLPI_PM_Tests.xls   (28.89 Mb)
Att 27    Morrin_101014_Oil_Boiler_DLPI_warm_start_PM_Tests__Results_with_err.xls   (29.37 Mb)
Att 28    Morrin_101005_Oil_Boiler_warm_start_DLPI_PM_Tests.xls   (28.28 Mb)
Att 29    Morrin_100916_Oil_Boiler_DLPI_stst_Test.xls   (15.91 Mb)
Att 30    Morrin_100907_Oil_Boiler_DLPI_st_st_tests__Results.xls   (14.09 Mb)
Att 31    Morrin_100819_Oil_Boiler_PM_DLPI_st_st_test__Results.xls   (15.47 Mb)
Att 32    Morrin_101028_Oil_Boiler_DLPI_Cold_Start_Results.xls   (15.14 Mb)
Att 33    Morrin__101012_Oil_Boiler_cold_start_DLPI_PM_Tests.xls   (12.7 Mb)
Att 34    Morrin_100923_Oil_Boiler_DLPI_Cold_start_PM_Tests.xls   (11.94 Mb)

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Author(s)Morrin, S.
Title Of WebsiteSecure Archive For Environmental Research Data
Publication InformationOil Boiler Test Results - Morrin UCD
Name of OrganisationEnvironmental Protection Agency Ireland
Electronic Address or URL
Unique Identifierca487a64-28c3-11e1-ad3d-005056ae0019
Date of AccessLast Updated on SAFER: 2023-06-03

An example of this citation in proper usage:

Morrin, S.   "Oil Boiler Test Results - Morrin UCD". Datasets Available At: Secure Archive For Environmental Research Data managed by Environmental Protection Agency Ireland (Last Accessed: 2023-06-03)


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