Phosphorus, Nitrogen and Suspended Sediment loss from Soil to Water from Agricultural Grassland

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Resource or Project Abstract

We monitored the chemical fertiliser applied to the 17 and 211 ha catchments
from February to September 2002 which amounted to 16.4 and 23.7 kg P ha-1 and 186
and 214 kg N ha-1 respectively. Slurry was applied randomly through the year and the
17 and 211 ha catchments received 10.7 and 14.0 kg P ha-1 and 68.8 and 90 kg N ha-1.
For the year 2002, we estimated the annual TP export to water as 2.61, 2.48 and 1.61 kg
from the 17, 211 and 1524ha catchment areas respectively. This represents 12.1% and
7.2% of applied phosphorus from the 17 and 211ha catchments respectively. The
annual export of nitrogen for the year 2002 as NH4 was 0.76, 0.9 and 0.56 kg N ha-1
from the 17, 211 and 1524 ha catchments, respectively. The export of TON was 48.5
38.5 and 46.7 kg N ha-1 year-1 from catchments 1, 3 and 4 respectively. Most of the
nutrients and SS were exported during the winter months and in the case of TP, NH4,
and SS during the months of heavy rainfall (i.e. October to February).

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Contact Information for This Resource

Prof Gerard Keily
University College Cork

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Author(s)Keily, G.
Title Of WebsiteSecure Archive For Environmental Research Data
Publication InformationPhosphorus, Nitrogen and Suspended Sediment loss from Soil to Water from Agricultural Grassland
Name of OrganisationEnvironmental Protection Agency Ireland
Electronic Address or URL
Unique Identifierad1f3acf-5035-102a-90c6-0593d266866d
Date of AccessLast Updated on SAFER: 2024-06-17

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SAFER-Data Display URL
Resource KeywordsTotal Phosphorus. Total Dissolved Phosphorus. Catchment Dripsey
EPA/ERTDI/STRIVE Project CodeLS-2.1.1a Catchments
EPA/ERTDI/STRIVE Project ThemeWater Quality
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Number of Attached Files (Publicly and Openly Available for Download): 5
Project Start Date Monday 14th January 2002 (14-01-2002)
Earliest Recorded Date within any attached datasets or digital objects Monday 14th January 2002 (14-01-2002)
Most Recent Recorded Date within any attached datasets or digital objects Sunday 4th April 2004 (04-04-2004)
Published on SAFERThursday 10th May 2007 (10-05-2007)
Date of Last EditThursday 10th May 2007 at 12:27:22 (10-05-2007)
Datasets or Files Updated On Thursday 10th May 2007 at 12:15:16 (10-05-2007)

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Geographical and Spatial Information Related To This Resource

Description of Geographical Characteristics of This Project or Dataset
The study area is the upland Dripsey catchment, a sub catchment of the river Lee in Cork, Ireland. Three nested catchments named as catchment 1, catchment 3 and catchment 4 have areas of 17, 211, and 1524 ha respectively. The experimental sites are located approximately 25 km northwest of Cork city (52°N, 08°44?W). The overall catchment is considered homogenous with respect to geology, hydrology, meteorology, vegetation and land use. The geology is old red sandstone with rock depth ranging from 2 to 5 m. The topsoils at the higher elevations are peaty podzols with brown podzols over most of the catchment. The profile of the soil is characterised by a dark organic loam to a depth of 15 to 25 cm overlying a yellowishred, iron enriched b-horizon of loam texture. This grades to a reddish-brown sandy loam material at about 75 cm (Gardiner, 1980). The topsoil is rich in organic matter to a depth of about 15 cm (about 12% organic content, Daly, 1999).

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Supplementary Information About This Resource

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Lineage information about this project or dataset
Part of the EPA LS-2.1.1 Project - Catchments - This work was carried out by Ciaran Lewis as part of the Degree of Master of Engineering Science UCC 2003
Supplementary Information
The specific objectives of this project
were: (1) to determine the cumulative export loads of total phosphorus (TP), total
dissolved phosphorus (TDP) and soluble reactive phosphorus (SRP), ammonium (NH4),
total oxidised nitrogen (TON) and suspended sediment (SS) over one year; (2) to
examine the contribution of fertiliser and slurry to the export of phosphorus, nitrogen
and suspended solids; and (3) to examine the hydrologic controls on nutrient export.

Dripsey Raw Data Files contain measurements of
Ammonia (mg N/l), SRP (mg P/l), TON (mg N/l), TDP (mg P/l), TP (mg P/l),SS (mg/l),Potassium (mg K/l),Conductivity (µs/cm) Sodium (mg Na/l) Chloride (mg Cl/l)
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