Green Seafood Business Programme

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Resource or Project Abstract

BIM introduced a pilot programme to seven seafood companies looking at reducing environmental inputs. The largest and most costly waste streams of the sector are water and energy consumption through inefficient processes and utilisation. The programme involved environmental audits, installation of monitoring equipment and building on-site awareness of the opportunities for improvement. The programme outcomes were achieved through leak detection and efficiencies within process water and cleaning water.

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Contact Information for This Resource

Mr. Paul Ward
Bord Iascaigh Mhara

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Access Information For This Resource

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Resource KeywordsWater Reduction, Water utilisation, Energy reduction, Energy management, Water Management, cost reductions
EPA/ERTDI/STRIVE Project Code2010-ET-CP-21-S2
EPA/ERTDI/STRIVE Project ThemeSocio-Economics
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Number of Attached Files (Publicly and Openly Available for Download): 0
Project Start Date Friday 1st October 2010 (01-10-2010)
Earliest Recorded Date within any attached datasets or digital objects Friday 1st October 2010 (01-10-2010)
Most Recent Recorded Date within any attached datasets or digital objects Wednesday 1st February 2012 (01-02-2012)
Published on SAFERTuesday 17th July 2012 (17-07-2012)
Date of Last EditTuesday 17th July 2012 at 13:38:41 (17-07-2012)
Datasets or Files Updated On Tuesday 17th July 2012 at 13:37:23 (17-07-2012)

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Geographical and Spatial Information Related To This Resource

Description of Geographical Characteristics of This Project or Dataset
Ireland based - no specific locations.

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Supplementary Information About This Resource

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Lineage information about this project or dataset
this project commenced as a result of a Seafood Industry Benchmark study and the governments Food Harvest 2020 policy. The programme was run as a pilot programme to understand the driver and and technical issues surrounding the seafood sectors reluctance to adequately address cost reductions and environmental management systems.
Supplementary Information
Water and energy management requires training on company staff members with mentoring to facilitate changes and monitoring. Water and Energy management can give direct cost savings to participant companies. Companies that better understand the energy and water management requirements are more likely to make investments that have a medium term payback.

The project was jointly funded by Bim and the EPA. The programme partner was Clean Technology Centre, Cork who undertook most of the field work.
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