EPA Research Seminar 2009: Presentations

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The 7th annual EPA Doctoral and Post-doc Seminar was held on 12th & 13th November in the Gresham Hotel, Dublin. With 150 people in attendance over the two days, representing 16 universities and colleges, the seminar has become a highlight in the research calendar.

The theme for 2009, ?Today?s Environmental research - Tomorrow?s Environmental Protection?, was introduced by Dr. Mary Kelly, who opened the 2-day event by highlighting the vital role of research in developing novel techniques and tools for environmental management.

The morning plenary session included an open-room discussion on ?Communicating Science?. Four diverse speakers shared their experiences on the challenges of successfully disseminating scientific data and research to the most appropriate audience. Contributions from Padraig Murphy (DCU), Peter Mooney (NUI Maynooth), Annette Cahalane (EPA Media Office) and Sean Duke (Science Spin Magazine) made the discussion both fascinating and invaluable to new and experienced researchers alike.

With 32 researchers presenting their work, complimented by 40 poster presentations, the high standard set in previous years was maintained.
The award for Best Speaker (Post-doc) was presented to Nessa O?Connor (UCD) for her talk on ecosystem dynamics in a marine nature reserve, while an impressive oration in the ?Technologies for Environmental Protection? parallel by Mary Garvey (AIT) earned her the prize for Best Speaker (PhD). Mark Jessop (UCC) was judged to be a worthy winner in the Best Poster category.

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Dr. Shane Colgan

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Resource KeywordsResearch Seminar Presentations 2009
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Presentations from 7th annual EPA Research Seminar in November 2009.
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