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It is important for the EPA and the Environmental Research Community to know that the data and information products we distribute are useful to the user community we support. One way of doing this is by tracking the use of data and information in publications. Parts of or all of the datasets, data, or digital information products available here can be freely downloaded for further use in scientific applications under the condition that the source will be properly quoted in published papers, journals, websites, presentations, books, etc. Whenever possible the EPA strongly urge you to cite the use of these data, information, and web resources in the reference section of your publications. For convenience an automatically generated citation is available below which can be used immediately for citation purposes.

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Attachment Name and Download Link
Att 1    Monaghan_Kilkitt_BaP_2019_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 2    Mayo_Castlebar_BaP_2019_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 3    Galway_Rahoon_BaP_2019_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 4    Dublin_Rathmines_BaP_2019_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 5    Cork_HeathertonPark_BaP_2019_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 6    Dublin_Rathmines_BaP_2018_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 7    Monaghan_Kilkitt_BaP_2018_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 8    Mayo_Castlebar_BaP_2018_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 9    Cork_HeathertonPark_BaP_2018_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 10    Monaghan_Kilkitt_BaP_2017_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 11    Mayo_Castlebar_BaP_2017_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 12    Dublin_Rathmines_BaP_2017_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 13    Cork_HeathertonPark_BaP_2017_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 14    Monaghan_Kilkitt_BaP_2015_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 15    CDCF5FMayo_Castlebar_BaP_2015_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 16    CDCD03Galway_Bodkin_BaP_2015_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 17    CDC908Dublin_Rathmines_BaP_2015_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 18    CDC1D8Cork_HeathertonPark_BaP_2015_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 19    Mayo_Castlebar_BaP_2015_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 20    Galway_Bodkin_BaP_2015_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 21    Dublin_Rathmines_BaP_2015_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 22    Cork_HeathertonPark_BaP_2015_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 23    Monaghan_Kilkitt_BaP_2014_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 24    Cork_HeathertonPark_BaP_2014_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 25    Mayo_Castlebar_BaP_2014_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 26    Galway_Bodkin_BaP_2014_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 27    Dublin_Rathmines_BaP_2014_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 28    Monaghan_Kilkitt_BaP_2013_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 29    Dublin_WinetavernSt_BaP_2013_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 30    Galway_Bodkin_BaP_2013_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 31    Cork_HeathertonPark_BaP_2013_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 32    Dublin_Rathmines_BaP_2013_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 33    Monaghan_Kilkitt_BaP_2012_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 34    Monaghan_Kilkitt_AllPAH_2012_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 35    Limerick_ShannonEstuary_PAHDeposition_2012_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 36    Limerick_ShannonEstuary_AllMetalDeposition_2012_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 37    Kerry_Valentia_AllMetalDeposition_2012_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 38    Galway_Bodkin_BaP_2012_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 39    Galway_Bodkin_AllPAH_2012_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 40    Dublin_WinetavernSt_BaP_2012_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 41    Dublin_WinetavernSt_AllPAH_2012_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 42    Dublin_Rosemount_PAHDeposition_2012_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 43    Dublin_Rosemount_AllMetalDeposition_2012_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 44    Dublin_Rathmines_BaP_2012_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 45    Dublin_Rathmines_AllPAH_2012_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 46    Cork_HeathertonPark_BaP_2012_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 47    Cork_HeathertonPark_AllPAH_2012_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 48    Monaghan_Kilkitt_BaP_2011_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 49    Galway_Bodkin_BaP_2011_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 50    Dublin_WinetavernSt_BaP_2011_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 51    Dublin_Rathmines_BaP_2011_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 52    Cork_HeathertonPark_BaP_2011_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 53    Monaghan_Kilkitt_BaP_2010_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 54    Dublin_WinetavernSt_BaP_2010_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 55    Galway_Bodkin_BaP_2010_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 56    Dublin_Rathmines_BaP_2010_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 57    Cork_HeathertonPark_BaP_2010_ngm3_month.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 58    Galway_Bodkin_PaH_ngm3_2009.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 59    Dublin_Winetaven_PaH_2009_ngm3.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 60    Dublin_Rathmines_PaH_2009_ngm3.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 61    Cork_HeathertonPark_PaH_ngm3_2009.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)
Att 62    Monaghan_Kilkitt_PaH_2009_ngm3.xlsx   (0.01 Mb)

Suggested Citation Information

The information supplied in the table below should be provided with all citations to this resource on SAFER. You are requested to format each of the fields below as required by the specific bibliographical style you are using.

Author(s)Team, Q.A.
Title Of WebsiteSecure Archive For Environmental Research Data
Publication InformationEPA Ireland Archive of Benzo(a)Pyrene Data
Name of OrganisationEnvironmental Protection Agency Ireland
Electronic Address or URL
Unique Identifierb52a9212-3ee9-102e-a0a4-f81fb11d7d1c
Date of AccessLast Updated on SAFER: 2024-06-25

An example of this citation in proper usage:

Team, Q.A.   "EPA Ireland Archive of Benzo(a)Pyrene Data". Datasets Available At: Secure Archive For Environmental Research Data managed by Environmental Protection Agency Ireland (Last Accessed: 2024-06-25)


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